Why I Replace My Vitamix 7500 with Vitamix 750

Why I Replace My Vitamix 7500 with Vitamix 750

Hello, world! This is Christin from Texas. Today I will share my experience with my Vitamix blenders and why I change one for the other. First of all, you should know that Vitamix blenders are one of the top quality blenders from the G-series.

Blenders are one of the important kitchen appliances and used almost every day. So whenever you are buying a blender you should be precise with your decision and choose wisely.

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Few months back I have Vitamix 7500 Blender and it was best for daily use. The quality of that was insanely good and the functions and features in it are more than enough. It does have self-cleaning function, the container was about 64 ounce and low profiled, it also has the automated blending system with variable pulse and speed control. The blades were made up of hardened stainless steel. Also, it does have a user manual and a guide on how to use that blender. Everything with the blender was good and there is no negative reasons for me to replace it. Then why I did replace it?

vitamix 7500 vs 750

Why I changed it with Vitamix Blender 750, what changed my mind about the blender? Well, the answer is quite easy and simple. I changed my blender because I got to know about Vitamix 750. This blender was the latest edition in the series and its functions are a lot more than Vitamix 7500. So I decided to change my old one with the new one.

Now talking about the Vitamix 750, the blender is easy to use with a big container allowing me to mix, mince, and blend more items than the Vitamix 7500. Also, it uses the low-profile camper which allow it to process the stubborn-thick mixtures with ease.

The Vitamix 750 has a 2.2 Peak Horse power motor that have 1440 watts. This motor allows the blender to mixed and process each and every fibre so that you received 0 fibre drink. Also, there are 10 variable speed controls for you to maintain and make any recipes.

The Vitamix 750 has the long stainless-steel blades. This blade are strong enough to blend anything, and any ingredients you put in it. The blades are stainless and rustproof that means you can wash them without worrying about the rust.

Vitamix 750 can clean itself with 1 minute without any hurdle and can be used professionally, and by beginners. Furthermore, the structure of the blender is made up of BPA plastic free material which makes it free from toxicity, and you will not get any chemicals of any type in your juice.

For the conclusion I would like to say that Vitamix 750 is a better choice than 7500. But if you’re one who is looking to save some bucks and want a handy useful and best quality blender than you can go for 7500. Both are great blenders in their own categories. In my opinion 750 is lot better than 7500 and has a lot of additional features than 7500.

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